5 Latest Trends in Sweaters

Sweaters have always been a winter must-have, whether stylish or otherwise. Sweaters have become a major look for the past years. Bright sweaters and crazy printed patterns were prominent last autumn, but now it’s all about colors, monochrome sweaters, softer materials, milder shades with thick, cord knit, and oversize designs still ruling the trend.

Over-sized sweaters

How To Tuck In Oversized Sweaters: 18 Perfectly Stylish Looks - Styleoholic

You know that the bigger you are, the better you are. Whoever stated that size doesn’t matter has obviously never worn or seen a smart boho-chic big sweater matched with anything, particularly slim leggings, jeans, or short skirts.

 Metallic sweaters

Metallic Leopard Print Knit Sweater {White/Silver} – TFL

This season, they’re all the vogue, which is ideal because they can be worn from the office to late-night dinners or even cocktails. They look amazing, but they also have an air of effortlessness about them, as if they’re saying, ‘I simply threw this on and here I am.’ The nicest styles are silver and gold.

Turtle Neck Sweaters

11 Ways to Rock Roll Necks - Roll Neck Outfit Ideas for Women - Pretty  Designs

It’s the 1970s, baby! Or simply a terrific way to get out of the cold. They’re all in, whether on big or tight sweaters, and they do the stylish trick. From loose to skin tight, to rolled or messy turtlenecks – they’re all in. Tuck your hair in to get the French look that’s all the rage these days.

Pastels or powdered sweaters

Pastel Outfit Ideas: Valerie Husemann is wearing powder blue sweater from  Hallhuber, jeans from Aso, bag from River Island and the shoes are from  Topshop - Just The Design

Fuzzy sweaters.

Sweaters in pastels or powdered colours. It’s time for monochromatic style, mellow colours, pastels, and subtle hues to prevail this autumn, so put your crazy designs and colourful patterns behind. Whites, blues, pinks, and a slew of greys have taken over the streets and shops, which is a good thing because change is good. Furthermore, they exude a sense of refinement and class, which is desirable.

Buy blue fuzzy sweater cheap online

It’s a comfy, warm, playful, yet appealingly fashionable sweater. These are awesome. The only issue with it is that we never wear it on those big days since it makes me feel like a stuffed goose at Dinner.


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