9 Additions to Your Personal Wardrobe

Rumi Neely, or Rumi Dowson (her married name), was one of the first bloggers to jump into the design space, launching her “casual luxury” label, Are You Ami, in 2014. The line offers a combination of sexy minidresses, sassy swimsuits and crop tops with west coast vibes. Dowson designs all the clothing, which is manufactured in the heart of Los Angeles. If you are one of his 683,000 followers on Instagram, you will notice that the aesthetics of what he sells aligns directly with what he shares; it’s about being confident and showing some skin. It is Rumi who knows how to get the perfect appearance that is beneficial for her and how she wants to be from the outside. Shopping on Lulus has made her what she us now,

The beginning of a new calendar year is the adult version of Back to School. But instead of, say, new pencils, it is new threads that are on many people’s minds. That clean slate and fresh start feeling should also spread to your closet. But to avoid having to go back to buying jeans, sweaters, and coats again next year, make this year’s new purchases count by choosing trend-free, effortless pieces that will stand the test of time (and repeated uses). These are the smartest additions to make to your closet right now, so you’ll never have that “nothing to wear” feeling again.

The Cured Coat

The Adult Coat: Are you still saving for that warm coat from Max Mara? Same. This cashmere blend coat from The Curated (one of those new, Instagram-famous, and straight-to-consumer brands) is arguably your best bet. The Cured Coat, $ 457, shopthecurated.com

Silk Wash Skirt

The Skirt from Desk to Dinner: My mind is flooded with ideas on how to wear this skirt that has neither an animal print nor a botanical print. A cashmere sweater and boots for now, strappy sandals and an oversized men’s button-down shirt when the spring thaw hits. Silk wash skirt, $ 395, silklaundry.ca

Vintage Jacket

The Vintage Blazer: Blazers are enjoying the kind of comeback any forgotten pop star would envy. Most are inspired by the classics, so why not skip the new interpretations and go for a good classic? The details and craftsmanship of a vintage blazer are much better than a fast fashion one, but for a similar price. Vintage jacket, $ 75, garmentory.com

Uniqlo Cardigan

The Trendy But Not Trendy Cardigan: Cardigans are back in fashion in a big way, which is great because it reminded us all of how cool they were in the first place. Buttoned, unbuttoned, layered, or worn with a bralette (aka the sexy French girl style), how can you go wrong? Uniqlo Cardigan, $ 20, uniqlo.com

Babaton Pants

The sensible black pants: I’ve already written an ode to the black pants, so suffice it to say that this pair meets my (very) strict criteria. Trust me on these. Babaton pants, $ 148, aritzia.com


The Cool Girl Overlay Piece: My very trendy barista with excellent taste in funk music wore one of these over a denim shirt. And, well, now it’s on this list. Tuck it under your wool coat for extra warmth without resorting to a bulky parka. Alpha Industries Jacket, $ 121, alphaindustries.com

Céline Bag

The Boss Bag: You can purchase this coveted Philo-era Céline bag at a fraction of its original price by buying it on consignment. Unless I beat you. Céline bag, $ 1,498, vspconsignment.com

The Essential Boots: You probably already have a perfectly functional pair of black ankle boots in your wardrobe. But what about the sought-after knee-high boots? I have fallen in love with the rich shade of the whiskey, the subtly square fingers, and the expensive looks of these beauties. What you wear them will instantly look better. Mango boots, $ 280, mango.com

Judith and Charles Dress

The dress that can be worn anywhere: Every time I consider a new purchase, I like to ask myself, “Is this a suitcase piece?” Translation: If you suddenly had to take a trip where any occasion could arise and you had an hour to pack, would you throw it in your suitcase? This dress, with its easy silhouette and ability to dress top to bottom, is a quick yes. Judith and Charles dress, $ 550, judithandcharles.com


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