Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes This Year

Come and purchase online through the Target discount store and access your favorite price-reduced purchases through this discount store. It is a seasonal sale available for Halloween and it has loads of benefits for you to get at a discount cost here.

Target’s Hyde and Eek boutique collection is back. Halloween items provide us with skeletons of all sizes and species, some light-up signs, and enough pet costumes to send your furry friend through an identity crisis.

There’s nothing scarier than the thought that we’re only supposed to decorate for Halloween a couple of weeks out of the year. Fortunately, many of these items are perfectly fine year-round. (Don’t use us as a source at your next HOA meeting.)

So if you want to start decorating for the spooky season right away, here are all the Target Halloween 2022 items you can grab today.

4″ Decorative Halloween Coffin, $20

Do you need math help for this coffin? The 64” is 5 feet 3 inches. I’m sure there is a logical explanation as to why you ask.

64″ Decorative Halloween Coffin

Light Up Skeleton Pumpkin Man Halloween Decorative Accessory, $125

Light Up Skeleton Pumpkin Man Halloween Decorative Accessory

This 6-foot pumpkin skeleton may be only half the man as Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton, but he’s twice as creepy. Good things come in 6-foot packages.

Set of 2 Garden Witch Feet, Halloween Decorative Props, $10

Is it rare that Halloween accessories become fashion inspirations? Don’t make it weird. Just give us the socks.
Target Halloween Hyde Eek- Wicked Witch Feet
Available at Target.

Set of 2 Garden Witch Feet, Halloween Decorative Props

Horse Skeleton Halloween Decorative Prop, $30

My Little Pony is still cute after all these years of decay.
Target Halloween Hyde Eek – Mini Skeleton Horse

Horse Skeleton Halloween Decorative Prop

Crocodile Skeleton Halloween Decorative Prop, $20

Crocodile Skeleton Halloween Decorative Prop

For this prop, you really need to know your audience. It’s probably a lot less scary in Florida, where these things really move. The living, that is. Not the skeletons.

A Halloween event full of fun comes from the Target store, it is an opportunity for you to buy from here. It is a big sale for the event and you can purchase from the store on the online discount retailer.


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