Old Navy Sale On Women Fashion Outfits

After browsing the Old Navy website this weekend (see this post), I had to go there in person to see all the new fall finds. I am happy to say that there is a very good selection at the moment! And all with a 40% discount!

My best find was a tan (above) or burgundy faux-suede jacket that I was hesitant to buy at $59.99… but when readers told me it was 40% off online, I immediately bought one. NO. I actually hesitated, and now it’s sold out! The lesson: run to your nearest store TODAY to get one, they are that good. They are super soft and lay down perfectly. I’d say TTS, though you may want to size up if you plan on layering over chunky sweaters. Still available in plus size online.

Old Navy Sale On Women Fashion-3

Then there are some fun graphic hoodies like this “Love” one. They’re showing it off with floral pants and leopard flats for a J.Crew vibe, but you can also wear it with your favorite distressed jeans or leggings.

Finally, there’s a really awesome camo jacket (which I can’t seem to find online, but you can see my photo below). I prefer it to the one I currently have (former Forever 21), but I don’t think I need two camo jackets… maybe I’ll buy this button-front camo shirt.

Old Navy Sale On Women Fashion-2

The bottom line: there are a lot of cute clothes out there now, wear later options in Old Navy right now. I am filling my cart as I write. I think I need these checkered slippers and this super soft vest ASAP.

Old Navy Sale On Women Fashion-1

What is it you love about Old Navy right now? Did you get your hands on one of the suede jackets before they sold out online?


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