About Us

My name is Shannon and I am a fashion blogger and influencer, I like to blog on my websites and other online magazines. I write blogs for my site bloggers looks, and I do it with consistency. I like to adopt new fashions and styles and I want to work as an influencer to motivate the audience that I write for. It is a choice for me to get the ideas I want to provide others relating to new fashion and beauty makeup ideas.

I want to spread the word that has to do with the latest fashion to spread all over the world. As I am a fashion critic and a stylish person I understand that I will make a change to promote the latest ideas. If there is something that I want to do, it is to train those who are unprivileged and do not know the latest tips and tricks. I can carry on telling others through my blogs for hours but there is a reality in every situation.

I am from a group of people who want to make a positive difference to others, especially the needy and the deserved. I also like to keep fit and train myself as a hard-working gym athlete and it is why I utilize my time to look better. I never underestimate what God has in wait for me and I cannot remove the option of prayers when I want to prosper.

I want to work as an influencer and this has been possible for me through my blogging site. I understand that what I do for others is basically a reward for me as my goal is to make others benefit. I grant my folks the credit for a better upbringing and how they raised me from childhood. I was a clumsy girl when growing up, but the education my parents gave me made a change in my life.