Melissa Arielle Charnas Closet For Modeling

Charnas first launched her blog in 2009 with a loose ‘outfit of the day’ approach and through trial and error honed some serious blogging skills just in time to find early success on Instagram. As a model and fashionista, she has nailed it: beautiful but accessible, aspirational but achievable, high-quality but not too expensive.

At first, Charnas realized that as brands sent her clothing and accessories in an effort to capitalize on their popularity, she had to stick with only those items that really mattered to her. In addition to her fashionable style, her easy, conversational manner and apparent authenticity have contributed to her loyalty.

“The Something Navy x Treasure & Bond capsule collection that we introduced in Fall 2017 really resonated with our customers, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome it to Nordstrom,” said Jennifer Jackson Brown, president of Nordstrom Product Group, at a release. .

The collaboration is part of Nordstrom’s long-standing effort, including pop-ups and partnerships with new and popular brands, to create spaces and collections that appeal to younger shoppers. Olivia Kim, vice president of creative projects at Nordstrom, has created a series of fashion-focused Space boutiques that have been winners for department stores, for example.

And the company has been willing to play with new merchandising concepts, including its merchandise-free “Local” store, its endorsement of Shoes of Prey custom footwear, and Trunk Club concierge service. Of course, experimentation can also be risky: Nordstrom took a big hit, in the form of a $ 197 million write-off, from its acquisition of Trunk Club (that unit was originally founded by Bonobos co-founder Brian Spaly, who continued to lead it. at Nordstrom for a while).

However, the Something Navy deal is a more robust game and the retailer already has plans to expand it. “With Something Navy, we are able to offer our customers an exclusive new brand based on Arielle’s unique aesthetic. The brand will expand into additional categories each season, reinforcing our commitment to introducing new and exciting products regularly,” said Brown.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of cleanliness, but I certainly like things to be organized. A place for everything and everything in its place, right? Whether it’s keeping my kitchen tidy or Miles’s daycare, it’s so satisfying to see that everything in my home has a, well … home! The same goes for my own clothes.

We have a small house with minimal storage and closet space. And while it’s all the rage in the blogger / influencer industry to have entire rooms dedicated to clothing and bags, that’s not realistic for us normal folks. Adam and I share a modest closet and we had to get creative with the way we store our things. My locker room tour is quick and straightforward, but it works for me!

Tour of my closet
Like I said, our house is small and closet space is limited. So with that, I have to keep all my clothes for all seasons in my closet year round. That means if something is going to live in my closet, I better really love it and wear it, a lot!

After the delivery, I did a complete review of my closet and discarded (donated or sold on Poshmark) items that no longer fit me or that I knew would not work for my new life as a mother. I really narrowed down my dress collection and now only have a small handful of styles that I love and wear in the spring and summer.

Everyone knows that I love a good knitted or comfy sweatshirt, so I keep them in the front and center of my closet. I bought this organized hanging rack on Amazon and I love it! Such an easy and affordable way to use all the space I have and keep my sweaters organized.

If something last year has shown me, it’s that I hardly wear shoes anymore, ha! Let’s face it, I’ll never leave the house. And when I do, it is with slippers or sandals. My casual shoe collection is on the rise as my towering heels slowly make their way. Not that I don’t have a few pairs yet, but I keep them on top of my shoe rack collecting dust until the world returns to normal.

Jackets and Coats
My closet has everything, all the stations in one space, even my jackets and coats. I use the top rack to keep all my clothes together and some random jumpers and sweatshirts. Easily accessible but higher and secluded at the same time.

Shirts and jeans
You probably thought my closet walkthrough would include a lot more shirts, right? Completely wrong. What you see here, that’s it! (I mean, in addition to the loungewear tops that I’ll wear later.) I organize by color and length and keep the shirts facing the front, and hang my jeans, pants, and skirts in the back. Hanging up jeans isn’t my favorite organizational hack, but there was nowhere else for them, so yeah, hanging it up is!

Loungewear and pajamas
For items that are more casual (nightwear, pajamas, bras, and underwear) I use the storage bench at the end of our bed. It is small but powerful! This is where I keep the clothes that, let’s face it, I wear the most these days. Again, I don’t have a lot of clothes, so what I do have are things that I really love and wear a lot.


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