Fashion Design Bloggers To Perfect Looks

Are you a passionate blogger who can hardly resist fashion design? If so, why not unlock more opportunities for your passion? Don’t miss out on these fashion designer blogs we’ve compiled to help you express your individuality with style and innovation.

Fundamentally, clothing is one of the basic needs of human beings for warmth and protection. It can even protect the body against hot and cold weather conditions. However, it is obvious that it is clear that fashion has greatly influenced the way men and women dress from time to time. While fashion is an art of applying design, aesthetics, and natural beauty to clothing and accessories, it has become a popular aesthetic expression in different times, places, and personalities. Furthermore, fashion also plays an important role in the expression of beliefs. Today, many fashion designers create extraordinary ways to promote their products. One of the effective ways they choose to increase their credibility online is to create a blog. Today, we’ve curated creative, contemporary, and practical fashion designer blogs to inspire other fashion designers on their online journey.

Blogs offer abundant benefits not only for businesses, but also for personal or professional life. Basically bloggers will gain more exposure and eventually build a professional network. Therefore, you will not only have the opportunity to express yourself, but you will even be able to earn money with your passion.

So sit back and relax as we showcase these cool blog designs that are truly impressive and creative enough to inspire you to create yours of similar quality or even surpass them all. Enjoy!

John Frieda

Consequently, fashion is a famous aesthetic expression, especially in clothing, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body parts. John Frieda is one of the amazing fashion designer blogs that focuses on quality results for stunning cuts and hairstyles. Your website is creative enough to demand the audience’s attention. Passionate about having the perfect hairstyles for clients, this website offers quality products that address and transform deputies’ style issues along with helpful articles. A smooth slider is ready to highlight the beautiful images of women as background images with headlines on each one. Apparently, the website has a unique presentation of its products along with blog articles related to it. Look how amazing this inspiration is!

Good On You

Most of the people opt for clothes that reflect their personality. Therefore, designer clothing that is functional and aesthetically pleasing is necessary to meet the demands of each individual. Good On You is established with a global mission: to lead the way towards a more sustainable and fair fashion industry. To this end, your website is totally clean, minimalist, and modern. The home page has extensive articles well organized in a magazine layout. The hero is a simple but elegant combination of a stylish image with a caption and a small description that overlaps. Other items also look interesting with various thumbnail sizes. Also, a flawless slider is used in the presentation of fashion-related articles.


Fashion designers have a great influence on trends for the current and upcoming seasons. If you are currently looking for inspiration, these fashion designer blogs are really helpful. NSS Mag is an online magazine that has established itself as a benchmark across Europe when it comes to street culture, sneakers, and fashion communities and enthusiasts. Apparently the home page is aesthetically pleasing design with comprehensive features necessary to make a magazine shine in a highly competitive market. Their trendy website looks clean and minimal with the abundant use of white space. Each post also looks great with bold font thumbnails and titles. Plus, it also uses a sticky header to keep navigation close at hand.

Falcon Magazine

Apparently, fashion is not just about clothes, it is also a style that has to do with hair, makeup, etc. Flacon magazine is a cool and interesting inspiration to look for when working with a fashion designer blog. It is an online magazine that allows the free exchange of information between all participants in the beauty industry. The design of the blog is also quite nice and creative. The hero header is a wonderful display of images that looks ravishing. Part of the hero scene is the presentation of different stories posted by the blog’s authors. Multiple posts are displayed with the use of a slider and each one looks great. Apart from that, a clear menu is also used to make it easier for the audience to access other articles. All in all, the website is totally innovative and creative with the use of GSAP animation.


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