Get Fit Dad

Fit fathers produce mentally healthier children: study

When you become a father, it can be difficult to maintain your fitness. Being a husband is difficult. It’s more difficult to be a father and a husband. Trying to be a good father and husband can be difficult. The following blog is written from the suggestion of fitness bloggers in an effort to encourage all fathers to make time to get fit and healthy.

Barter your time

If you wish to exercise for an hour? Then you’ll have to barter with yourself to get that hour exchanged for another. Have a good look at the 24 hours you spend per day, and we are sure you will find an hour that you are willing to give up for an hour of exercise.

Every Sweat Counts

A one-hour walk can burn up to 250 calories. 45 minutes of high-intensity workout, on the other hand, can burn 500 calories. Furthermore, any little bit of extra physical activity helps. Instead of taking the elevator, take the steps. Carry a child for extra weight when walking.

Time Eficient Workout Fro Dads

What Is HIIT, and How It Improve Your Workouts? | SELF

The following workout is a simple 20-minute high-intensity workout that you can do from the comfort of your home.

20 minutes: 1 minute high intensity rounds followed by 30 second’s rest.

Air Squats – 3 x 1 minute (as many as you can do)
Alternating Lunges  – 3 x 1 minute (as many as you can do)
Push ups – 3 x 1 minute (as many as you can do)
Leg raises – 3 x 1 minute (as many as you can do)

Get Your Family Involved

They say behind every great man, is a great woman. If you can make it a family goal to get fit and get the whole family on board, it can be easier.


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