Ideal Fashions From Jess Hannah

Jess Hannah returned to the blogging world, first designing jewelry and then creating her blog. He now has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram. Her love of accessory making began when she inherited some of the antique pieces from her grandmother. “From a very young age, I was fascinated by their crafts,” he told The Coveteur. “I’ve been obsessed with jewelry ever since … [At one point], I was teaching goldsmithing in this old lady’s garage after school, because we didn’t have a jewelry design program at my school.” After launching J. Hannah (pieces are made to order from solid 14k gold or sterling silver), the designer has also appropriately launched her own nail polish collection and has plans to tackle bridal jewelry next. The certain looks that Hannah wants to get are a good looking fashionable hoodie women’s fashion for regular wear. You can get the fashionable clothing from Lulus and make yourself a smart individual.


Shoes are not just for walking
Many of us will choose the most comfortable and practical pair of shoes instead of that newly launched new trend, although it is sure to turn into something huge in a few months. But with the right accessories, any shoe can be on trend!

It’s about accessories
It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing your old sweatpants or your new designer dress, accessorize like crazy and make sure everything matches (ex: your dress should match your bag).

Old Sweatpants

Sweatpants are not for dinner
Okay, maybe they are, but don’t spend them in public! Wear fancy sweatshirts alone at home because no one wants to see how many burgers you can fit in that body of yours!

Elegant Sweatshirts

Shoes make a statement
You can tell a lot about a person based on their shoes. For example, if someone were to wear worn flats with an expensive dress, it would look ridiculous!

Big is not always better
Oversized clothing doesn’t flatter everyone and rarely flatters the body shape. Wear what looks good on you and hug your inner fashionista!

Your underwear no longer needs to match your bra –

Just throw it all in the washing machine and voila, the matching lace bras and panties have been dragged into oblivion forever!

Hooded Clothing

Have fun with fashion
Fashion is supposed to be fun, so have fun mixing new trends, colors, and styles to create your own fashion sense.


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